FDA 483, Warning Letters, Other Agency Citations

Common Questions:

  • How should I respond to my Form FDA 483 or Warning Letter?
  • Is my ISO/EC certificate in jeopardy?
  • What ramifications are there from my Warning Letter
  • Who authorizes/writes/issues FDA Warning Letters?
  • What are the regulatory consequences of a Warning Letter?
  • Why has FDA sent me an untitled letter?
  • Are my approved or pending regulatory submissions at risk?
  • Will our competitors and customers know about our deficiencies?
  • How much detail and what promises should we make in our response?
  • How do we deal with factually inaccurate observations?
  • What if the citations misinterpret the regulations?
  • Should we seek a meeting with the FDA District Director or Compliance Officer about our 483 or Warning Letter?
ComplianceAcuity has organic answers to these questions because we’ve forged a proven track record of effective responses to FDA-483’s and Warning Letters. After receipt of a Form FDA 483, Warning Letter, or other Agency citation, the most crucial immediate factor for averting further official actions (i.e., seizures, fines, injunctions, etc.), is to achieve a proper formal first response in conformity with the Agency’s corresponding protocols and expectations. Such a response is ensured by ComplianceAcuity’s experienced, statutorily-adept approach, where we help you devise a comprehensive, yet sustainable, written corrective action plan detailing how the objectionable conditions have been, or will be, resolved.
Tactically speaking, ComplianceAcuity corrective action plans are carefully devised and address not only the specific symptoms cited by the Agency, but also any systemic implications. Our plans are anchored by ComplianceAcuity’s certified fluency in a wide range of regulations and proven best-practices. Take a look at the case studies on this page or our topic-specific client testimonials for an overview of how we restored our clients’ compliance status by using:
  • “best-practices” compliance techniques
  • a proven response approach
  • vital insight regarding “behind-the-scenes” FDA activity
  • genuine sensitivity to your firm’s economics, business culture, and infrastructure constraints


Successfully Remediating Major FDA Citations

Successfully Remediating Major Quality System Deficiencies


As our case studies demonstrate, ComplianceAcuity will:

  • Help you avoid common mistakes made when responding to FDA-483’s and Warning Letters
  • Develop realistic corrective/preventive action plans based on industry best-practices
  • Strategically devise and monitor your compliance plan
  • Intelligently interface with FDA on your behalf. (Please visit our ‘Liaison with Regulatory Agencies’ page
  • Provide solutions that fit with your unique cultural and organizational needs to ensure your corrective actions “stick”


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