<h1 class="entry-title">Group: GMP Training</h1>

President, Class II & III Devices

“ComplianceAcuity provided extremely valuable consulting to [us] during a very critical time and on critical projects. I witnessed Kevin Randall having particular strengths in…FDA quality system compliance, training, and auditing.”

A GMP Training Attendees

“…Training was very good for the whole team, and being able to be present and attend to specific requests was most valuable. Working through all the issues identified, Kevin was able to propose and guide through many solutions…”

A GMP training attendee

“…Kevin Randall did an excellent job elaborating on the slides, stating not only the FDA regulations,but also the real world expectations for the regulations…”

– Director of Development and Manufacturing Operations

“…I would describe your training in design controls to be the foundation of my current understanding of agency requirements.  You were the first company I worked with to take the time to dredge through the details.  Something I badly needed to complete the picture of developing a design control, and product launch framework…”

A GMP training attendee

“…Kevin’s interaction and communication is always respectful and clear. He has demonstrated an ability to explain concepts in a manner which is applicable to the audience…”

A GMP training attendee

“…Kevin was very engaging throughout the presentations.  His content was well presented, and the slides coincided with the presentation.  Overall, I learned a lot from this program…”

A GMP training attendee

“…Kevin committed himself to understanding our business model, products and processes before tailoring training and compliance solutions for our firm. This has been greatly beneficial to our firm from an economic and time perspective as it has built on our systems and processes rather than starting again…”