<h1 class="entry-title">Group: Internal Audits</h1>

Customer Service Supervisor – Class II & III device Manufacturer

“…Very patient and understanding – related well between different stakeholders and individual departmental issues – an absolute pleasure to deal with – extremely supportive of our objectives.  Extremely capable when navigating through the labyrinth of [company] business practices and providing concise solutions.  Assisted tremendously in encapsulating the core issues that needed to be resolved so […]

CEO – Class II device Manufacturer

“…Like many companies, we know “our business” but the intricacies of developing, implementing, and maintaining an effective medical device quality system was beyond our expertise (as illustrated by our recent inspection) and it was too late to gain traction on the project alone.  Kevin and his Associates at ComplianceAcuity from day one had a unique […]

Quality Manager, Class II devices

“…Definitely added value. With the gap audit, ComplianceAcuity found many crucial gaps and helped provide high level solutions to fill the gaps. Without the expertise of ComplianceAcuity our last FDA audit would have been a disaster…”

CEO – Class II device Manufacturer

“…The bottom line is that, due to ComplianceAcuity’s efforts and user-friendly solutions, our longstanding quality system deficiencies and FDA-compliance issues were effectively resolved and now we are operational and in compliance today. We see our relationship with ComplianceAcuity as a “partnership” and will continue to rely on their experience and professionalism in the future. I strongly recommend […]

Director of Operations – Class III device Manufacturer & Distributor

“…After a series of unsuccessful FDA inspections resulting in a Warning Letter, ComplianceAcuity was hired to help resolve our longstanding issues. ComplianceAcuity clarified the problems and provided professional solutions where prior consultants, one of which was an “ex-FDAer”, did not.  Because of ComplianceAcuity’s services, we were better prepared and achieved a positive outcome when FDA […]

Precision Device Manufacturer

“…Kevin Randall with Compliance Acuity, has been used for the last 3 years of quarterly internal audits. He is reasonable and easy to work with; we plan to continue to use him…”